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By Amanda McGrory-Dixon

For millennials, workplace flexibility and equity between work and home go a long way in enhancing job satisfaction.

So says a report from PwC, a human resources consultant that, as might be expected, also found that younger workers have better technology skills, a global focus and are open to sharing information.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the PwC said its research found no evidence that younger workers have a sense of entitlement, a common complaint from older workers. Rather, PwC said, millennial workers demonstrate commitment and are willing to work as hard as other co-workers.

Still, non-millennial employees also value flexible work schedules, the survey finds. Many say they like to move their hours around to better suit their schedules and are open to working in locations outside of the office.

Employees of all generations, according to the survey, are willing to leave behind pay and put off promotions for fewer hours.

In fact, while 64 percent of millennials say they would like to occasionally work from home, 66 percent of non-millennials agree.

Among male employees, 15 percent say they are willing to take pay cuts and delay their promotions for fewer hours. Twenty-one percent of female employees agree.

"The millennial generation is pushing organizations to the work world many of them want," said Terri McClements, vice chair and U.S. human capital leader at PwC.

"Those organizations that pay attention to this seismic change and adapt accordingly should find themselves at a competitive advantage and better positioned to retain the talent they work so hard to attract. We have always paid close attention to the needs of our people, but this study gives us better insight to deliver on our strategy of engaging them."

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