Thinking globally? Multinational employee benefits for your clientsBlog added by David Ten Eyck on February 27, 2012

David Ten Eyck

Newburyport, MA

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Over the past 25 years or so everything in our world has gone global. How about you and your benefits practice? Have you developed a global benefits perspective?

We are all deliberately, and perhaps nervously, re-examining our practice models and changing our focus in light of health care reform and its impact on our revenue. But, are we considering our client's international and multinational employees?

During our key client case renewal deliberations we are working to tighten up benefit design and costs.

Are we leaving money on the conference table? Are we asking about those expatriate employees in the new London or Sydney office, or the 200 employees in the Mexico City facility, or even the senior home office executives traveling 60 percent of their time to their offshore offices?

Many opportunities exist to assist your client to optimize international premium dollar expenditures and headquarter control over foreign operations and in the process increase brokerage revenue.

Commission levels unaffected by federal loss ratio constraints; multinational pooling or experience rating opportunities; richer higher-premium programs. Developing an international and multinational view to your client's exposures can pay off for your practice.

Think globally, think increased client control over their international subsidiary costs and programs and think increased practice revenues.
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