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This week's picks cover a variety of topics, including just how much parents don't want to talk about life insurance; what we can learn from James Gandolfini's estate planning mistakes; how a small group of companies is severely limiting access to generic drugs; and most importantly this time of year: fantasy football insurance.

Drugs trump life insurance in parent-child conversations

"Parents in the U.S. would rather talk to their kids about drugs and alcohol than life insurance. "

10 ways to wipe out your retirement savings

" Want to make what you think is a smart investment decision, and lose your life savings? I can show you how."

Texas Medicaid law could transform life insurance industry

"Texas dramatically changed its Medicaid eligibility law recently, in a move that is already having a profound effect on the life insurance industry -- yes, the life insurance industry. "

Obamacare exchanges aren't the only game in town

"Americans who buy their own health insurance next year won't have to get coverage through their state-based exchange."

6 estate planning lessons from James Gandolfini's will

"the will of Tony Soprano's alter ego has sparked national commentary and debate over taxes, how to provide for family, and the efficacy of estate planning. Rich or poor, none of us want to be remembered for paying too much in taxes or giving our money away foolishly."

How to find a financial advisor if you're not rich

"So what should someone mired in the middle class do if they want a financial advisor? Here are some options."

Long-term, who will take care of you?

"As part of health-care reform, there is now a federal Commission on Long-Term Care, which is charged with coming up with a comprehensive plan by the middle of September to address the availability and financing of long-term services and support systems for seniors and disabled Americans. But until such services and systems exist, what are your options? Unfortunately, you are pretty much on your own."

Is a $1 million retirement portfolio realistic?

"Let's look at a $500,000 goal and what that means both in terms of savings to get to that point and what you might be able to spend after retiring. Then we'll come back to the million dollar situation."

How a cabal keeps generics scarce

"About a year ago, President Obama signed a law that was supposed to end chronic shortages of lifesaving drugs. But the critical lack of generic drugs continues unabated. It is a preventable crisis that is inflicting suffering on patients and, in some cases, causing needless deaths. "

Another view of social media: Stop hyping it

"The financial industry has a tendency to blame mainstream media for hyping financial news, and yet, is guilty of the same thing where social media is concerned. "

Fantasy football gets real with insurance, lawyers

"When you manage a league in the fantasy sports world, you might consider hiring a lawyer, or buying some insurance in the real world."
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