Last minute PR can jumpstart efforts in 2011Article added by Jeffery Hoyle on December 9, 2010
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2010 is winding down. Where did the year go? I am as baffled as anyone. I hope your efforts to brand your business throughout the year were a success. If not, you know how to approach 2011, right? Armed and ready is the right answer.

In the meantime, I have compiled a list of a few end of the year PR ideas that can get your clients thinking towards the new year, and thinking about you. Simple, maybe, but very effective. All the events that follow occur during the month of December. By using them as a tie in for your business, you can add a last minute push to your PR efforts this year. Here’s what I mean.

Colorectal Cancer Education and Awareness Month
If you use a newsletter, either in print or online, or send e-mail blasts to your clients, a reminder about this important health screening test for individuals over 50 could be a lifesaver.

Safe Toys and Gifts Month
As inundated as we all are with requests for charitable giving, using this opportunity to promote safe toys and gifts for children can make you a stand out in the community. Buy toys from a local small business toy shop as a donation to the children’s charity of your choice, send out a press release, and let the magic of the media do the rest for you.

Tomato and Winter Squash Month
Again, for those of you who do a touch to your clients on a regular basis, why not include a seasonal recipe or two to make the winter months a bit tastier.

Operation Santa Paws Month
Animals reach into the soul of most people; especially during the holidays. A visit to a shelter to volunteer or offer a donation is a great photo op for your 2011 marketing efforts.

National Re-Gifting Day
Now we all have done it once or twice, right? Why not make it a fun event for you and your clients. Even though the official day is the Dec. 16, why not make it an after-Christmas event in your office. For every client that brings a less than awesome Christmas gift to your office, they get a free evaluation of their business with your office. As an added incentive, they get to choose from the stash of gifts that other clients have brought in. If you don’t have a stash of re-giftable gifts to start with, consider your local discount store, or better yet, dollar store. Everyone gets a laugh, and your clients have a plan as to what should be next in their financial plan for the coming year.

National Thank-You Note Day (December 26th)
This is a pretty self explanatory one. We’ve discussed a lot in the past how important it is to thank your clients for their continued faith and trust in your ability as their financial go-to. A simple note can make a lasting impact, and if you can hand write each one, you will make an even stronger impression.

So, there are just a few ideas to get a bit more punch out of your PR efforts for the year 2010. Wishing you and yours a safe, happy and healthy holiday season, and a most profitable new year!
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