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Do you enjoy quotes? I do. Here's one that caught my eye in a recent business article.

“No is not never, it’s just not now.”
Jeff Kurz, principal of Kurz Group, property tax consultancy.

I'll bet he heard as many no’s as you hear. Does hearing a no stop you? It didn't stop him.

Kurz would cold call prospects and say, “Please don’t hang up on me. Just indulge me for two minutes.”

Most property owners own their property for a long time, so if they said no, he just called them back the next year. How about you?

Which prospects are you letting fall through the cracks? Do you have a process to keep up with those customers who mean no for now? You have to remember that if a customer could buy at some time, you want them to remember you when that time comes.

Keeping up by telephone, email, letter or face-to-face is the only way to be remembered when that customer is going to buy. Just remember, have a meaningful reason to keep up. It’s not, “Hi, are you ready to buy yet?”
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