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In my prior blog entry I mentioned how I wanted to write 100 to 200 articles in 100 days. Wow, is that a challenge!

Let me give you my progress. We're about 28 days into the challenge and I've only written about 20 articles. At this point most of them are taken from pre-existing materials because so many other things are going on in my life. I find that in the evenings I may write two or three articles at a time while watching TV.

However, I haven't gotten around to posting all of the articles because I had to take care of a number of technical details associated with Internet marketing and the collection of names. Without getting into the details, I wasn't fully prepared to meet the entire challenge of writing the articles, creating the Web pages necessary to get the names of people wanting more information, preparting the supplementary articles and bonuses that would motivate them to give me their names, etc.

As you jump into certain challenges you may find yourself to be in the same situation. We can say that we intend to prospect more, for instance, but you have to be prepared to prospect with all the infrastructure in place. You have to be prepared to allocate the time required to the potential detriment of time for other things.

Whether prospecting, analyzing your book, creating SOPs for your practice, or even learning a new skill, it all takes time and effort and it's easier said than done.

As a coach and mentor to numerous financial advisers over the years, I know that if someone takes bite size pieces that anything is possible to accomplish. However, one must alloicate the time and energy to do so. One must maintain motivation.

So, with this article writing challenge that I'm in, I have been somewhat humbled — but undeterred. I will complete the challenge because the results will be worth the effort.

How about you? Are there any challenges that you're involved in? How are you handling them?

Let me know.

By the way, I hope you had a great Valentine's Day and that you have much love and laughter and good times in your life.

Wishing you the best,

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