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Successful people attain their goals because they have confidence in what they are doing and don’t fear failure. They learn from it, and they learn to plan around it.

So many of us wander around this earth waiting for our big break, our lucky day, our one shot or our big moment. Meanwhile each day passes and the opportunities that come with each new day seem to be carried through the wind as a faint thought or the proverbial whiff of what might have been.

Sure everyone has big dreams, everyone wants to be successful and everyone says that they’re willing to work for it, but how many actually do? Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t want to do — they extend themselves, exhaust their resources, and fail time and time again — yet they never quit.

They become fully committed – not just involved in whatever it is that they are doing —through the good, bad and indifferent. How many of us can honestly say we do the same?

If you watch a group of successful people — perhaps they are a group of the most elite doctors at a hospital, surgeons even, or perhaps the top lawyers at a prestigious law firm, or maybe a group of successful entrepreneurs — you will see several common traits. These traits we should adopt for our own use if we are committed to succeed.

Materialistic by most standards, these professionals are wealthy and they’re successful, so that in turn means that they dress the part, act the part and live in a manner that reflects who they believe they are. But aside from that you’ll notice a difference in their attitude, you’ll notice a difference in their behavior and you’ll notice they have a presence.

Confidence, sometimes mistaken as arrogance by the envious, is the fundamental foundation in this target group’s success. Those who have become comfortable with their success, the ones who understand the hard work equals success formula and the people we identify as prosperous, ooze self-confidence. They possess an inner belief that they will succeed.

Think of it this way; if you’re not confident in your own abilities or talents, why should anyone else believe in you? People who are truly successful have fully bought into who they are and what they can accomplish with hard work and a focused effort. This core belief shines through in their products, their services, their goals, dreams, aspirations and lifestyle.

They know that no matter what, they are willing to do whatever is necessary to have what they want; they believe they will achieve it, deserve it and will accept nothing less. There is no lack of self-esteem – there is no “what if” or “maybe” attitude – only “can do” and “will do.” You won’t smell fear amongst that crowd who are focused on success.

Step into their presence and you may be intimidated — this is good and you should learn from it. If you want to succeed in life, you commit, do the work, and suffer under the pains of growth and competition until you realize that your commitment means you never give up.
The most popular word in sales is “next” and the second most popular is “more.” Believe in yourself and your dreams, your business, your goals and your aspirations. Who cares if others don’t? Just say next.

The people who sit on the sidelines and watch become weak and envious and rarely are able to escape the waiting game for their big break — because the big break never comes to those who won’t risk failure, won’t extend themselves for fear of looking foolish and who won’t do the extra work that it takes to succeed.

Successful people attain their goals because they have confidence in what they are doing and don’t fear failure. They learn from it, and they learn to plan around it.

The next trait you’ll notice in truly thriving individuals is their impeccable ability to network, and again this routes back to a little self-confidence. If you take time to invest in yourself, your education, your business or ideas and goals, and then focus on being interested instead of interesting, you will attract people through your ability to share and enable others to feel comfortable. Successful entrepreneurs and highly trained professionals are comfortable discussing who they are, what they do and how they do it with everyone they meet, while inviting others to become involved in their realm.

They are fully committed to what they do — they believe in it — and so they share it with the world because they are convinced it will be beneficial to others. They don’t care if not everyone buys in. They will build a network of followers based on the people who do buy in, and in this manner they will build a strong core of people who support them and want to help them to succeed.

The more you monitor successful people, the more you’ll see “birds of a feather, flock together” and you will find that this group has some new killer marketing strategies for getting the word out about themselves and truly networking with everyone.

Lastly, charisma — no, we are not all naturally charismatic. Charismatic power is not commonly taught, but it can be. Being fully confident in ourselves, who we are and what we do based on a strong foundation of knowledge experience or education will help us create our own charisma, a force of character, or personal presence, or gravitas that comes from that deep sense of belief in one’s self.

If we approach every person we meet, unafraid of what they may think of us, we practice exuding charisma. Charisma is that force of being completely at ease with who we are, as demonstrated by a laid-back attitude, a warm easy sense of humor, a frequent open smile — and it all translates to a likeability by making other’s more comfortable. Any hint of nervousness, awkwardness or fear of making a fool of ourselves seems to dissipate.

Most successful people are likeable; they have this aura of comfortableness, and this translates into success. Naturally, everyone wants a piece. And it’s easy to attain in my opinion, you just have to follow their lead.
The first thing is to do a self-evaluation: Who are you? What do you do? What are you fully committed to, and is your heart, your soul, the air you breathe invested in it — giving it life?

If not, imminent doom awaits you. Why would anyone purchase a product or service from you confidently if you don’t even have that confidence in it yourself? If the answer to the first portion of this is yes, you next need to learn to be comfortable with yourself, love your product or service, believe in your business, commit to it being your future, and believe you will be successful in this. Then begin using these as your mantras; “I will do whatever it takes to make this work” and “I am invested, committed and will be fruitful in my endeavors.”

Your positive thinking will fuel your actions, and your actions and effort will be what produces results, creating a self-perpetuating prophecy of confident successful living. Also, remember the words “next” and “more.”

The next step is to hit the street. Promote yourself, your business venture and your causes in life. People will be receptive if they feel that you believe in yourself, and for the skeptics you come across just say next and remember, there are always more people for you to market to and share and build your network with.

Lastly, evaluate your results. Don’t be afraid to make changes and try new things. Go out on a limb — no one ever got anywhere by waiting on the sidelines. Get in the game, believe in yourself, tell yourself you’re a winner and act like one.

Watch the successful people you admire and begin to imitate their behavior, invest in yourself and you’ll be surprised how far it can take you in every arena of your life.
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