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By Kathryn Mayer

Just as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act remains unpopular, so does talk about it.

By a slim margin, the public says it is sick of hearing about the massive health care overhaul, according to the latest Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll.

About half of those surveyed (51 percent) said they’re tired of hearing candidates talk about PPACA and want them to focus more on other issues like jobs, while 43 percent say it’s important for candidates to continue to debate the law.

More Democrats said they are tired of hearing about the law than Republicans, likely indicating Democrats are sick of hearing about repeal efforts and overall debate over the law.

Meanwhile, PPACA remains unpopular, with 45 percent holding an unfavorable view of the law vs. 38 percent who hold a favorable view of it.

Still, most want Congress to improve the law — mainly by lowering costs and increasing access — rather than repeal it, the poll found.

A partisan divide is evident among the survey findings. Though the majority of respondents polled — 60 percent — said the law has yet to make an impact on them, Republicans who say it has are much more likely to say their families have been hurt by the law (37 percent) than helped (5 percent). And Democrats are more likely to say their families have been helped (26 percent) than hurt (8 percent). Independents, meanwhile, fall in between, though more say that their families have been hurt than helped.

Most of those who report being hurt by the law say it has increased their health care costs (14 percent of the public overall), while the most common response among those who report being helped is that it has allowed someone in their family to get or keep coverage (5 percent of the public overall).

The survey of 1,500 Americans was conducted May 13-19.

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