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We’re going to keep things light today, but prepare yourself. Today we look at greatness. We look into the brilliance of one man — nay, legend — Ron Burgundy and how he truly won content marketing… and my heart. Believe it or not, his techniques can help your financial Web marketing strategies.

If you have just woke up from a 10-year slumber, let me shed some light on the beauty of Mr. Burgundy. Originating in "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy," Ron, played by the hilarious Will Ferrell, became a cinematic icon with his adventures as San Diego’s top-rated anchorman. I highly suggest watching it, especially as the second film just came out this past December.

The promotion for the second film was nothing short of brilliant. It seemed this rambunctious anchorman was popping up all over the world. For example, up here in Canada, Ron Burgundy was the special correspondent for the national curling tournament. It was an unexpected appearance, and it definitely got the attention of the country. He was also spotted in Amsterdam cycling the streets with the band Daft Punk, and pairing off with an actual Irish news correspondent to create a targeted trailer to the Irish audience.

And how can we forget the Dodge commercials where he managed to increase sales by 59 percent — by mentioning "the roomiest of glove boxes"? That’s enormous.

Now, we can’t all be internationally recognized journalists with perfect facial hair, but there are a few takeaways from the team behind the legend.
1. Target your audience

I know a large portion of you are from the United States and probably don’t know what TSN even is (it's the ESPN of Canada), but seeing Mr. Burgundy as an affiliate had two effects: 1.) It created a personal connection to an area; and 2.) it engaged me as a viewer by using the power of human emotion. Knowing your audience will help the success of all your content.

2. Don’t always make your content so serious

I was hesitant to say this because we all know that financial services is a serious business dealing with sometimes sensitive topics, but it's important to make the content you produce readable and enjoyable. A simple test is if you are re-reading a blog post, for example, and you feel like you’re back in school studying, maybe it’s time to add a little pizzazz to your work. Throw in a joke; use a metaphor; relate it to a current event or holiday. If you use some of these techniques, you could become the Ron Burgundy of the financial industry.

3. Stay classy

Wherever you are, Ron Burgundy’s signature sign-off, "Stay classy, San Diego," is a great example of strong personal branding. Establishing your brand and keeping a consistent image is a great way to build exposure and credibility.

And finally, it couldn’t hurt to grow a fantastic mustache and rock the classic velvet suit. Instant respect, instant glory.
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