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BY: Jim Brogan
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The lifeblood of any financial adviser’s business is marketing. Without attracting the right type of prospects into your office, it will be very difficult to grow a successful practice.

In 2004, I captured approximately $5 million in new client assets. In 2009, I captured over $35 million. The two most influential factors in exploding my business since 2004 have been, 1. Attracting the right kind of prospects into my office, and 2. Knowing exactly what to do and say in order to convert those prospects into loyal clients.

My marketing model has always been to attract business, not pursue it. Whenever a prospect meets with me, it is because they have asked to be there. How do you build a brand that is so compelling that the prospective client is already over 70 percent of the way towards hiring you before he/she steps foot into your office?

My brand in the community is all about education. I teach people how to use their life’s savings to achieve their life goals in retirement and beyond. I’m an adviser, not a salesperson. I focus on process, not products. Ultimately, as Ed Slott likes to say, your outflow determines your inflow. If I teach people about things they haven’t really heard about, I do it in a way that makes complete sense and I sound different than the broker on every street corner, I’ll be mentally hired before a prospect ever meets with me.

Now, once they’re actually in my office, I have to know exactly how to present myself. You only get one chance at a first impression. Everything in my office is arranged with a specific purpose, and that purpose is to gain confidence and trust from both prospects and clients.

Once a prospect steps into their first meeting with me, I have to know exactly what to say, how to say it and when to say it. Ultimately, I have to help prospects understand the problems with their current plan, and they have to see it for themselves. If you ask the right questions, people will discover the problems for themselves, and then they will own the solutions to their problems.

In my session at Senior Market Expo, I’ll show you how I have built a brand that has grown my practice by 700 percent (new assets captured per year) in five short years, amidst the most challenging economic environment of our generation.

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