NASCAR Implements New SAFER Barriers After Denny Hamlin Suffers a Back InjuryNewsPress Release added by Frank N. Darras on April 30, 2014
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Ontario, CA (PRWEB) March 25, 2014 - NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin crashed into an unprotected area of the Auto Club Speedway where he broke a vertebra in his back. NASCAR offers manysafety features for their drivers including a roll cage, an upgraded seat restraint system, and fire-retardant suits, among many other safe measures. While all of these features do save lives, when a car going in excess of 100 miles per hour hits a concrete barrier, there are bound to be more than just a few bruises (How NASCAR Safety Features Work, How Stuff Works).

“In the wake of the accident, NASCAR officials said experts would reevaluate that section of the wall and recommend changes if necessary. SAFER barriersare typically first installed along the parts of the track walls where impacts are most likely to occur, but it’s not uncommon for the barriers to be added or altered post-accident. A Jeff Gordon hit at Las Vegas, an Elliot Sadler incident at Pocono and a Jeff Fuller accident at Kentucky each resulted in changes being made to walls or barriers at those facilities,” (SAFER barrier added in area of Hamlin crash: NASCAR, March 18, 2014).

But don’t think his accident at the Auto Club Speedway will stop him from racing again. According to Hamlin, he is more than eager to race that track again since he wasn’t able to finish last year. The Auto Club Speedway in California is on the top of his list of tracks he wants to win (SAFER barrier added in area of Hamlin crash: NASCAR, March 18, 2014).

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