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A true chronicle
I was unpacking all my stuff at a hotel in New York City’s Midtown, getting ready for a month’s stay. It was a part of the training schedule with a major securities firm. I was anxious to know who my roommate would be. He turned out to be a Middle Eastern defector who had worked as a prosecuting attorney in his home country. He had clandestinely made his way to New York as a dock worker, and his goal was to earn enough money to bring his family here and secure their future.

Before defecting, my roommate had asked a key question. He came to the U.S. because of the answer he received: The U.S. offered new opportunities in our free, open and capitalistic economy.

His English was limited, but he worked hard to make enough money to take and pass all the securities requirements for a position in the firm. Once he completed training school and all the requirements were satisfied, he asked his key question again. Then he went to the firm’s New York management and requested a transfer to Beverley Hills, Calif.

When he got there, he could see there were certain brokers who specialized in the “rich and famous” and were knee deep in commissions. So, my roommate asked his key question again and used his talents to link into this wealthy market through a broker who was sympathetic to his mission. The broker became his mentor.

As fate would have it, after about two years, his mentor died suddenly. All the accounts were transferred to my roommate, and he became a rich man. He was able to bring his family here, and his dream was realized.

All of this unfolded in only a few short years. I would not believe the story except that I witnessed it personally. It is amazing, yet true.

His key question (asked four times):
  • Where is the money?
The answers he received:
  • In the open U.S. capitalist economy
  • At a major securities firm
  • In Beverly Hills, Calif., where the super-rich live
  • With a key broker who has a wealthy Hollywood clientele
My Middle Eastern roommate knew exactly what opportunities were available to him in a capitalistic economy. He was highly committed to his goal. He went straight to the target solution without getting bogged down in petty politics, personal distractions or obvious limitations (his English language skills, status as a foreigner and lack of contacts). He was relentless.

Personal application:
Yes, it really can be that simple if we refuse to allow distractions, excuses and complications derail our objectives and bog us down. Much of today’s distractions come from technology: Social networks, Internet and gadget applications, digital everything, “smart” devices of every kind, 24/7 availability, and on and on.

Take away:
Right waters... Right bait… Right fish… Right time… Success.
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