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It is true that we should focus on 20 percent of our agents? My question to you is what happens to the remaining 80 percent?

To a degree it makes sense to focus on 20 percent, but what if a system is created that takes everyone and puts them in a melting pot?

In this pot we are cooking up future leaders. These leaders are being taught the fundamentals: How to focus on the main thing being the main thing; how to prospect in a way that does not cost thousands of dollars, yet produces results; how to be competitive with everyone else in the industry; and how to move to the next level.

If you could take your agents and put them in a system that is completely independent, yet helps you achieve one more transaction per month per agent how much more would your company be worth? How much more revenue would you generate? How much more income could you have?

Let’s take a look.

An FMO/IMO has 10,000 agents in their back pocket. Assuming 20 percent produce (if we are lucky), we have 2,000 agents doing something. If each agents is writing $50,000 in annuities per month = $100 million x 12 = $1.2 trillion. This is true on a good day.

Now let’s take a look at the power of the 80 percent that are left on the side:

Eight thousand agents x $50,000 in annuity per month = $400 million per month in additional production. Let’s say I am 75 percent off the mark. You would be ahead by another $100 million in production per month x 12 =$1.2 trillion.

If we all could do this how much of an impact could we make in retirees life? How much more would be recognized as a whole? How much more reputable would we be?

My friends, there is a way. And I am here to show you how.

But first there needs to be three pillars of success in place.
  • Attitude: We need to form a different attitude towards the 80 percent, and help the 20 percent thrive even more.

  • Environment: A cultivating environment that they want to be a part of. Perhaps a home.

  • Skill: Mastering the fundamentals. I am confident that if these are given to our people we can win big as an industry. We can make our mark and change the lives that we touch in a positive way. We can make a difference in the world.
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