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When it comes to insurance agency email marketing, multivariate testing is an important tool, offering greater insights into insurance email campaign optimization and conversion efficiency. A/B split testing offers a simpler way to understand and use multivariate testing. Split testing is an empirical approach to improve click throughs and conversion rates for email campaigns.

What's the easiest way to begin? An insurance agent (though an experienced insurance agency emarketer is strongly recommended for insurance email marketing initiatives) should create two versions of their email campaign. Let's refer to these as "insurance email version A and B."

The agent wants to determine which of these versions will be more effective for open rates and click-through rates. In this simple example, the agent will create two different subject lines, and determine which is more effective. The rest of the email content will be identical except for the subject line modification. Insurance agency email marketing campaign variations can be can be dramatic or subtle. Agency marketers can then measure the campaign results, reviewing open rate and click-through rate (and conversion rate) to determine which insurance agency email marketing campaign was more effective.

It's important to note that only a portion of your insurance agency email marketing list is used during the split test. Depending on the size of your list, you might use 5 percent, 10 percent or 20 percent for your split test, or sufficient contacts to provide an adequate sample for empirical decisions. More sophisticated marketers would use a statistically significant sample, but we'll save that discussion for another day.

In our split test example above, if email campaign A yielded an open rate of 25 percent with 20 clicks, and campaign B yielded an open rate of 20 percent with 10 clicks, then campaign A is the obvious winner, and the balance of the emails should be sent using the design from Campaign A. The balance in this example might be the remaining 80 percent or 90 percent of the emails not used in the split test.

Multivariate testing takes A/B split testing to the next level, and can be used to test numerous insurance agency email marketing versions at the same time. For example, agency marketers could create an A/B/C/D split test, with version A and B using a different subject line, and version C and D using a different call to action. As you can likely deduce, multivariate testing offers great granularity to optimize insurance agency email marketing campaigns.

Insurance agency email marketing often targets multiple objectives including brand awareness, warm calling opportunities and inbound insurance agency lead generation. The ultimate goal is to increase leads and agency name recognition to make it easier for producers to engage with targeted prospects. Agencies lacking the time or resources for insurance agency email marketing split testing can outsource this initiative to a proficient insurance agency marketing firm.
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