Top 3 excuses for not using a website to market your firmArticle added by Maggie Crowley on July 10, 2014
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1. “I’ve been practicing for 20+ years and never needed one.”

Gee, if I had a dime for every time I heard this one. It’s true. There are advisors practicing today who have never had a website because they’ve never needed" a website. I’m assuming these are the same advisors who hung on to the pager until 2002 because they “didn’t need a cell phone.” Once you learned how to use that brand new cell phone, it may seem like you couldn’t function without it. Now, I’m not comparing cell phones and websites (they’re apples and oranges, really) but, the adoption of new technology is often inevitable because it truly adds value. A great website adds value by connecting you with your ideal client, making you look really great online and earning you new business.

And… what if you did have one for those 20+ years? Or think about even the past year. Consider the impact a great online presence can have on your business. If your business is doing well without a website, think about how much better it could be with a website.

2. “I get all of my new clients from referrals.”

I moved to Vancouver, BC from South Georgia (YOLO, right?) in 2012. Every time I visit home I make a trip to see my family dentist. Until now. I actually asked around and got plenty of referrals for dentists in Vancouver, and what did I do? I Googled every one of them.

It’s kind of a new fact of life. The first thing a referral will do is Google your name or the name of your firm and seek information about you before they pick up the phone (almost 90 percent of Americans do this today). If they don’t like what they see (or, if they can’t find any information about you at all), then you can’t really expect a call.

Here’s a small piece of homework: Google yourself! What shows up on the results page? Try and view it from the perspective of a referral. It’s really great when you get a referral, right? Just make sure you are making a positive first impression when they search for you online. Here’s an interesting idea: What if your website actually helps you get more referrals?

3. “Websites are money-suckers.”

Here’s the thing. Some websites are actually money-suckers. Marketers (like myself) are always saying that your advisor site needs to be current, fresh and up-to-date. If you have to pay someone every time you update your site (the horror!), then it probably is sucking up a lot of money if you’re dedicated to maintaining it.

From the perspective of this marketer, a great website is a website that adds value to a firm. Does your website help you earn new business? Connect with your existing clients? Validate your expertise and experience? Help visitors create a really great first impression?

I’m a firm believer that your advisor website should deliver a strong ROI. If you have a website that’s draining your marketing budget but not actually helping win new business, it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

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