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By Amanda McGrory

Forty-one percent of chief financial officers say finding a work-life balance is the biggest challenge for accounting and finance professionals, according to a new Accountemps survey.

Following a work-life balance as a workplace stressor are office politics and conflicts with coworkers at 28 percent and then staying current with evolving accounting and finance regulations at 16 percent. Another 9 percent of respondents say managing higher workloads is the biggest challenge while 4 percent of respondents are faced with a difficult commute.

"Work-life balance may seem like an issue for individuals, but it also should be a concern for businesses," says Max Messmer, chairman of Accountemps. "Whether it's through flexible work schedules, telecommuting arrangements or other options, companies can benefit from helping their teams balance professional and personal objectives. Organizations that commit to these efforts enhance morale and productivity and make their businesses more appealing places to work."

For employees to better handle the work-life balance, employers should communicate their priorities. Employees need to know what initiatives are necessary for success, which will help employees determine their primary responsibilities.

Employers can also help employees familiarize themselves with alternate work arrangements that are available and understand that sometimes responsibilities need to shift if any employee is overwhelmed. If employees need to tend to personal activities, employers can set up an arrangement that allows for employees and managers to schedule these ahead of time.

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