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By Kathryn Mayer

The Obama administration may have fixed the problems with HealthCare.gov, but it has done nothing to address public opinion.

Opposition hovers near an all-time high — dating from when the law began its troubled rollout in the fall — with the Pew Research Center reporting Thursday that 53 percent of Americans disapprove of PPACA.

Meanwhile, 41 percent approve of the law. Opinion of the measure remains virtually unchanged since last September.

As was the case last fall, there’s more strong opposition than support for PPACA. Overall, 77 percent of those who disapprove say they feel this way very strongly (41 percent of public); 64 percent of approvers hold this view very strongly (26 percent of the public).

The new poll numbers arrive less than two weeks before Obamacare’s big deadline. Open enrollment for health plans in PPACA ends March 31. Virtually all Americans must have insurance by then, or pay a penalty under the law.

This week also marks the law’s fourth anniversary.

The poll showed that there continues to be deep partisan differences over PPACA: 72 percent of Democrats approve of the law, compared with 37 percent of independents and just 8 percent of Republicans. A strong majority of blacks support the law, while Hispanics are split.

But even among the law’s opponents, there’s a strong feeling politicians should try to make PPACA work, rather than sabotage it.

A majority of PPACA opponents (representing 30 percent of the public overall) said they want elected officials to do what they can to make the law work as well as possible, compared with 19 percent of the public that wants elected officials to do what they can to make it fail.

The survey was conducted Feb. 27-March 16 among 3,335 adults.

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