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The state of the American health care system is anything but desirable these days.

With more and more Americans out of work and unable to afford health insurance, that leaves less people for health insurance agents to sell to. The bottom line is some agents are finding it increasingly difficult to sell health coverage in today’s economy.

If you’re one of those agents who are having more challenges selling health insurance plans, take a moment to review your course of action and see if you’re missing anything.

Yes, consumers are more apt to be tighter with their wallets when financial times are tough, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make some sales along the way. People still need basic health insurance coverage for when they and/or their families get ill or are injured, so there are sales to be made.

In reviewing your sales process, go over your market again and be sure you’re focusing in on the right audience.

Secondly, review your marketing skills and determine if there are any changes necessary in order to better sell your product. Do you need to advertise more? Do you effectively utilize social media sites to promote your product?

Another good idea is to contact clients who you’ve not heard from in a while to see if they’re satisfied with their health insurance coverage.

Have you contacted other individuals who were previously on the fence about health coverage? Despite the tough times, perhaps they’re now seeing that spending money on a health plan is better in the long run than being saddled with a debilitating bill should they suffer a major health crisis.

If you’re not actively involved in your community, now would be a good time to pursue opportunities to talk about your available health care plans with civic groups, schools, etc.

The easy solution is to just assume that individuals don’t have the money right now for health insurance, so why bother going after them? With that attitude, you could find yourself in the same predicament.

As a health insurance agent, remind yourself again and again that even though some 47 million Americans are currently without health insurance, there are many who want it and can afford even the most basic of plans.

Without becoming their financial secretary, discuss with them if they can decrease or eliminate a debt here or there to better their financial situation. Again, going without health insurance now may seem like a doable decision on their part, but remind them of how their financial world can be turned upside down if they contract a major illness, need surgery or are involved in a serious accident.

No one’s job is 100 percent safe, but you can recession-proof your position as a health insurance agent by doing a little more marketing and taking the time and effort to get the message out there.

Health insurance is not just for the rich, it is for millions of Americans who need to hear from you that a little preventative medicine today can help avoid a painful financial lesson tomorrow.
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