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Through thousands of years and endless experiences it’s fair to say there are few new ideas in the world, just new ways to tap into the wisdom of those gone before you and perhaps packaging concepts in new ways. That was the gist of a life insurance sales seminar I attended last month from which I noted these takeaways to add to or rearrange in your marketing toolkit.

We are saving lives and changing ZIP codes. A properly insured breadwinner can save beneficiaries from financial hardship and, we hope, improve their lifestyles through wise financial planning.

Work your system hard and stay focused. Avoid distractions such as trying to succeed at more than one business at a time. Related to that, don’t wander from one business to another. Once you stick and stay, you will get your pay.

"Cash" takes on more meaning when you remember it as continuous aggressive sales habits. Take the reins and remember: The only enemy you really have is customer apathy. Go out; do business; knock on doors. If you continuously do something, business will come to you. If you want a paycheck like no other, you’ve got to be willing to do what no other people do.

We’re all actors because we’re in sales. Play the part. If you have a script, learn it and use it. The words were created based on years of success.

If you use leads, they are your inventory, not an expense.

There are no excuses. Don’t let anything stop you from getting paid. If your company has integrity and loyalty, that’s what it’s all about.

Always give back. Build relationships with people. That begins with your first interaction with clients, connecting with them on their concerns and how you can help them. Come right out and ask, “What’s your main concern?” Ask them, “What’s the real reason why I’m here?” Knowing their concerns, combined with your product knowledge, you can change someone who doesn’t care.

How do you head off “I have to think about it?” Prepare the ground by giving clients options, such as permanent and term plans, ahead of time. Ask them, “Other than the premium, do you like this type of program or something more temporary"? State up front, “This has to be affordable beyond a reasonable doubt. If you have to think about it, it’s not affordable.”

In these days of the Affordable Care Act and health insurance with large deductibles, leverage the power of cash-value life insurance. Being able to draw funds to supplement deductibles is a far better option than falling deep into debt.

And, above all, if you’re not ethically or morally sound, you need to quit.
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