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BY: Michael Ham
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In the popular Disney movie Cars, the main character Lightening McQueen exclaims, “That makes perfect sense… turn right to go left.” Seems backwards but it’s true. We can use momentum and technique to maneuver a tight situation. We need new ideas to grow our practices. Instead of pitching our senior clients, approach their children: The baby boomers.

These boomers need advice and ideas to relieve their worries of being stuck in the middle of raising their own children while ensuring their parents are getting every financial break available. Thus, the sandwich generation, and believe me, it’s keeping one out of eight boomers awake nights. Worried about caring for their aging parents, their own children, while also planning for their own retirement, this market segment of baby boomers is a huge opportunity for your practice. It’s the chance to really help, and not just sell products. You will become their hero, on their sandwich menu of life. How often does that happen?

With a few little known strategies within Social Security such as the “File and Suspend” idea, or the Veterans Administration’s Aid and Attendance program for the spouse of a vet, and special exemptions offered by many states for seniors to reduce, delay or even avoid having to pay their property taxes on their home. These individual programs can literally provide the sandwich boomer’s parent with totally free cash.

The best part is; you’ll confidently and easily approach elder attorneys and CPA’s in your market, partnering with them to advise your sandwich boomer and their parents on the legal ways to implement these freebies. These ideas could literally change the lives of both the boomer and their parents. You’ll bring potential clients to the professionals and may enlighten them to strategies they were unaware existed. You must never represent yourself to be an attorney, CPA or anything else that you are not fully licensed.

But I will teach you the three secrets to prospecting with these unique strategies. Stop wasting time and money on polishing “pits” and not prospects. Avoid marketing land mines and make your compliance department love you. It’s all available at my session at the SMAX, titled;

Minding your P’s and Q’s.

No recruiting, no pressure to assign contracts, just pure common sense for you to use immediately to triple your revenues and set your practice miles apart from the crowd. Sign up now and do not miss out on my session that has improved the quality of life for both clients and producers.

Don’t miss Mike Ham’s session at 10:00 am on Friday, August 26th.
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