Your prospect is not paying attention: How can you make a lasting impression?Blog added by Maribeth Kuzmeski on February 28, 2014
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Whose attention span is longer, yours or the person you’re talking to? Well, if you’re talking to a prospect about business matters, your attention span is probably considerably longer. With the endless number of distractions, getting someone’s attention today is difficult. The concern with this attention issue is that it may drastically reduce our ability to attract a prospect and ultimately close a sale.

Attention span is defined as the amount of time that a person can concentrate on a task without becoming distracted or bored. The attention span today is shorter than ever — recently reported as an average of nine seconds. Let’s time it. If you count to nine right now, you have likely counted the amount of time it takes for you to stand out to prospects.

Before you go to the next business function or into a meeting where you want to make a good impression, count to nine. Let this be a reminder that this is all of the time that you may have. First impression? Lasting impression? Your nine seconds may define you indefinitely.

But maybe the key to being memorable is not what you say about yourself. Do you want to know the secret to keeping people engaged, paying attention and not bored? Get them to do the talking. In all actuality, listening is your best shot for making a real impression — as counterintuitive as that may sound. So, instead of coming up with great things to say about yourself, try coming up with engaging questions that will keep them talking. The key to keeping them talking is also the key to keeping them interested. Try it at your next meeting; you’ll be shocked by the results.

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