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By Allison Bell

Despite the public's dissatisfaction with the launch of the law's public exchanges, U.S. adults are less likely than they were to want to repeal or scale back the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Frank Newport, an analyst at Gallup, reported that finding in a summary of results drawn from telephone surveys of 1,039 U.S. adults conducted Saturday and Sunday.

Only 50 percent of the Americans surveyed said they want to see Congress repeal PPACA or scale it back, down from 57 percent who wanted that in January 2011.

But only 14 percent said they want to expand the scope of the law, down from 24 percent, and 24 percent said they want to keep the law as is, up from 13 percent.

Gallup noted it continues to see strong support for PPACA from Democrats and strong opposition from Republicans.

When talking about PPACA, Independents lean more toward the Republican view of the law. Only 31 percent of the Independents said they want to expand PPACA or keep it as is; 55 percent would like to see Congress repeal the law or reduce its scope.

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