4 things financial advisors shouldn’t be doing on LinkedInArticle added by Amy McIlwain on September 9, 2013
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I speak about social media at several conferences throughout the year and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to booths. Some have interactive TV displays and are buzzing with people, while others are nothing more than a generic tablecloth and sterile white sign stating the company name. The same holds true when it comes to LinkedIn profiles.

Think of LinkedIn as a giant trade show with thousands of prospects. What does your booth look like? Is your logo and company brand clearly displayed? Do you offer information on your services? Are you talking to people?

When it comes to financial advice, you are competing for the attention of clients. Make sure you stand out from the competition and aren't sitting in the corner, fiddling with your iPhone and not talking to anyone. In this article, I am going to go over four common LinkedIn mistakes that can seriously injure your chances of landing the leads you want.

Mistake #1: Incomplete profile

Having an incomplete profile can almost be worse than having no profile at all. An updated profile is crucial when trying to appeal to people. Not only should your previous work experience be listed, but your current position, contact info and website should also be included. When people visit your LinkedIn profile, they are interested in learning about you. This is your one shot at leaving a solid first impression — so make it a good one.

Mistake #2: No company page

LinkedIn company pages are a great tool to improve your company’s online presence and showcase your services. Creating a company page gives more exposure and visibility to your business, products or services. If you haven’t created a LinkedIn company page, now is the time to do so. LinkedIn makes it easy for people to find, follow and engage with your company page. Have a good look at yours. Is it really a true reflection of your business?

Mistake #3: Not joining groups

Participating in LinkedIn groups will grow your network, increase your reach and even create more leads. Search for groups in your field and in your general location for the utmost targeted results. And remember, it’s great to network with people who are like-minded, but you are also looking for clients. Join groups of people who share your interests. The members of those groups need financial advisors, too.

Mistake #4: Being silent

Don’t set up your profile and abandon it in hopes that people will reach out to you. Despite what some people believe, just because you build it doesn’t mean that people will come. And if they do show up and you aren’t interacting, they certainly won’t return. Keep a presence on LinkedIn and make sure that you post regular status updates. Comment on other people’s activity and participate in group discussions. Use LinkedIn to position yourself as a thought leader and stay top of mind for clients and prospects when those critical money-in-motion events occur.

Did we leave any tips out? Let us know if you have other general LinkedIn rules.
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