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By Kathryn Mayer

Most Americans say the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act hasn’t yet affected them personally.

But for those who say the law has made an impact, it’s done more harm than good. And others expect it to only get worse in the long-run.

According to new Gallup numbers, 69 percent of people in the United States say PPACA has had no effect on them or their families. Of those affected by the law, 19 percent say it has hurt them or their family, while 9 percent say it has helped them.

Still, that number is likely to change as the major provisions of the law go into effect in 2014.

Gallup said 70 percent of those who said they have been affected by the law are uninsured, a main target of the law. Just a small number — 3 percent — of the uninsured said they’ve obtained health insurance for next year.

Though the majority of U.S. adults have remained mostly unaffected by PPACA, 41 percent expect PPACA to make their own health care situation worse in the long-run. Roughly half that, 20 percent, say the law will improve their situation.

As for the country’s health care system as a whole, 48 percent said PPACA will make the U.S. health care situation worse, 34 percent believe it will make it better, and 12 percent don’t think it will not have an effect.

“Americans have consistently been more likely to predict the law will have a negative rather than positive impact on their own health care situation since Gallup first asked the question last year,” Gallup researchers noted. “The current 21-percentage-point gap between those who say it will make their situation better and those who say it will make their situation worse is one of the largest to date.”

Meanwhile, Gallup earlier reported that approval for the health care overhaul has dropped to a new low, a shift that coincides with ongoing reports of plan cancellation notices and website woes plaguing the exchange.

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