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By Dan Cook

Going public with a list of the least and most stressful jobs is kind of like the Baseball Hall of Fame selection process — you won’t make most people happy, but you will get their attention.

CareerCast, a job-search services firm, took that bold step recently and used a kind of complicated system for evaluating jobs, coming up with a “stress score” for the position listed.

While both lists seem plausible, CareerCast’s website has been deluged with complaints (particularly referencing the high-stress list) from readers who say their job was left off and is, of course, more stressful than some of the ones on the list.

Yes, Pete Rose should probably be in the Hall of Fame. But Don Drysdale? Questionable. Yes, being a paramedic is stressful and should probably be in the top 10. But does a PR person belong on the list? You decide. It’s all so subjective, so let’s just go to the lists.

Most stressful jobs:
    1. Enlisted military personnel
    2. Military general
    3. Firefighter
    4. Airline pilot
    5. Event coordinator
    6. PR person
    7. Senior corporate executive
    8. Newspaper reporter
    9. Police officer
    10. Cab driver
Least stressful jobs:
    1. Audiologist
    2. Hair stylist
    3. Jeweler
    4. Tenured university professor
    5. Seamstress/tailor
    6. Dietician
    7. Medical records technician
    8. Librarian
    9. Multimedia artist
    10. Drill press operator
Just for some reference, here are the factors CareerCast took into account when calculating the stress factor for each of the 200 jobs it considered:
  1. Travel (the more travel, the higher the stress)
  2. Growth potential (dead-end jobs tend to create more stress)
  3. Deadlines
  4. Working in the public eye
  5. Competitiveness within the organization
  6. Physical demands
  7. Environmental conditions
  8. Own life at risk
  9. Hazards encountered
  10. Meeting the public
  11. Life of another is at risk
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