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I got a message from one of our most prolific contributors today with a great question: How can you increase the number of people who follow you on ProducersWEB?

Professional and social networking is all about connecting. So, how do you increase the number of people you are connecting with on ProducersWEB? Here are some tips:

Contribute, and contribute some more
Each time you write an article or blog that we post on the site, your name pops up on our home page and in the recent activity tracker. Furthermore, when someone searches for information on a topic you’ve covered, your content will show up in their search results. If they like what they read, they’ll likely follow you.

Do you have an opinion about an issue addressed in a ProWEB Wire news piece? Or do you want to respond to another author's opinion? Comment! Your comment will pop up in the activity tracker, and you'll gain some followers if readers think you made a good point.

Promote your profile!
This may be the most important tip of all. Do you have a weekly newsletter? Or a website? Then promote your ProducersWEB profile on it, and ask your readers to follow you. Also, stay tuned, because soon we will have tools for you to use to promote your profile — including downloadable buttons, template text to place in your newsletter or send in a press release, and instructions on how to use them.

Don’t forget you can also promote your profile through Twitter, your Facebook page and your LinkedIn page. Also, join our group on LinkedIn and get your profile out there by starting a few discussions.

Follow other members
What better way to gain some followers than by following other members? Since each member receives an e-mail when you follow them, they’ll probably go check out who you are by visiting your profile page. If they like what they see, you’ve just gained another follower.

For more on promoting yourself through ProducersWEB, read Tips for using ProducersWEB, Pt. 1.
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