What's the foundation for perpetual lead generation?Blog added by Michael McNamara on August 21, 2013
Michael McNamara

Michael McNamara

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If you are an independent producer or an agency owner, then you know the everyday challenge of getting in front of new people. Your financial practice is a business, and any business owner can tell you the number one focus in business is bringing in leads. After you bring in leads, it's up to you to convert those leads into revenue.

What is it that sets you apart from those around you so people will see you not as a commodity, but as a person who will bring value to their lives? What if there was a system available to you that had proven to not only get you in front of groups of new prospects but also to create the opportunity to be referred to other groups along the way?

The answer? Financial education. But it has to be the right content. I've been to countless "financial education" classes which end up being nothing more that an opportunity to pitch a product. It cannot be about pitching product; it needs to be about building relationships and credibility by offering real content that attendees can walk away from and have something to sink their teeth into.

Face the music. Wake up and smell the coffee: If your practice isn't growing, its dying. What is needed is a platform on which to build a sustainable referral resource, one that perpetually builds on itself. Plant a seed one time and see how it grows, creating a virtually unlimited source of leads for your business.
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