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No doubt you’ve heard the axiom, “content is king.” After all, content is the entire reason the Web exists and why nearly 78 percent of American adults spend an average of 20 hours a week wired into their browsers.

According to research conducted for the 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report, SEO Edition by MarketingSherpa, content creation is ranked as the most effective tactic used for building traffic through search engine optimization (SEO) — beating out SEO landing pages, keyword research, social media integration, link building, etc.

But, not just any content. Custom, high-quality, relevant, informative and compelling content is the only kind that get's the job done. One simple way to create fresh content for your advisor website is to repurpose content.

Repurposed content

If you’ve chosen your topics well, your content is likely to have legs, meaning the topic will have as much value in subsequent posts as it did with the original post. Revisiting a critical tax issue or a changing market trend is always worthwhile when it continues to impact your audience; it's the same thing with any discussion around investment strategies. Breaking down any complex topic in different ways is always appreciated by your readers.

Another approach to repurposing content is taking the same content and using it in a new way. Reusing information in multiple ways is beneficial for both you and your prospects. Once again, remember how important it is to position yourself as an industry expert by providing educational content to help your audience solve their problems.

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Action step

Repurposed content ideas are easy to devise. All you need to do is take an original title and add the word “update” or phrase “what we learned from…” Then write about the topic from a different perspective or with updated information. If you’ve got a lot of material saved over a period of time, try reusing it but in a different form. For instance, if you’re written a dozen blog entries on retirement, consider putting the articles together and creating a brochure, guide or e-book all about retirement.

Another idea is to take content you’ve posted already (on your website, newsletter, blog or elsewhere) and post it on other websites and/or blogs. Try reusing your posts as guest posts on other industry blogs. Both clients and prospects find these types of content very valuable and helpful — and the larger audience you reach, the better.

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