Identifying qualified insurance leads and why you should buy them

By The PT Services Group

The PT Services Group

Everywhere insurance sales professionals turn these days – whether it is while they are online, sorting through mail or at a convention – there will likely be someone attempting to sell insurance and financial services leads. Given there are many lead generation companies focusing on the insurance and financial sales industry, how do insurance professionals make an informed decision about which lead generation company to do business with?

Unfortunately, a number of lead generation companies who are offering to sell you great life insurance and 401(k) leads are simply just peddling computer-generated, data-aggregated mailing lists. Sometimes, these lists have actually been purchased from another lead generation company, and are now being re-sold to unsuspecting insurance professionals. These types of leads are considered not qualified.
How does an insurance professional know what constitutes a real qualified insurance lead?

While a lead is the contact information of someone who may be interested in purchasing your insurance and financial products, a qualified lead has had their information verified. Experienced professionals who work at lead generation companies actually make phone calls directly to the prospect to ensure that lead’s contact information is current, correct and these are indeed the people who would have the desire and ability to purchase your insurance services.
Then there is the matter of exclusivity. Even a qualified lead is devalued if it has been sold to 10 different insurance agents. With an exclusive lead generation company, the leads will remain exclusive to you for a set period of time (ex: 45 days), where no other agent will be sold that information. This guarantees that you do not get stuck in a bidding war with other agents over your prospect.

In this case, your insurance and financial products will be bought based on the value they bring to the prospect – not bought based on the fact that you were able to squeeze out the lowest price.
Purchasing insurance leads – especially exclusive, qualified leads – saves insurance professionals time and money. This enables insurance agents to focus on selling their products, instead of wasting valuable time tracking down prospects, hoping that the information is correct and that they were first in line – ahead of other agents.
For prospects to convert into paying clients, insurance agents must purchase qualified, exclusive leads. This ensures that the data is accurate and that the lead has not been passed through hundreds of agents before it reaches you.