Are you tired of being misled?

By Lew Nason

Insurance Pro Shop

At last week's IPS Trusted Advisor Sales Training, four of the attending advisors were kind enough to share their very similar stories with the other attendees. Each of these four advisors has been in this business for 10 or more years.  All four were top notch producers, earning significant six-figure annual incomes.  And, each of them had experienced significant reductions in their income during the past three years.  Accordingly, they all had been looking for ideas and programs to take their business back to the income levels they had previously enjoyed.  And, they all had spent large sums of money to learn two or more of the latest sales ideas and programs ... you know which ones I mean.

In their conversations with the other advisors, each of them stated that the ideas, tools and training they received were great, but they admitted they were more confused than ever on how to use and apply these ideas to their current practice.  In fact, when they tried using these sales ideas and tools with their current prospects and clients, they were actually losing sales!

Over the past three years, we've heard these same stories from hundreds of agents and advisors who have invested in those programs and are frustrated with the lack of sales results. Each of these programs promises to take your business to new levels of success, but only a few people are having the success they promise.

Why are most agents and advisors struggling with these sales ideas and programs?
The sales ideas and programs are great, if you know how to get in front of the right prospects and you have the sales skills to help your prospects and clients see how they can use these strategies to solve their financial problems.  Consider, you can have the best idea, and can explain it very well, but if you can't attract and set an appointment with the right prospect and you can't help the prospect to see how it will help their financial situation, it's almost worthless.

It's like trying to sell the very latest and best plasma big screen television to a blind person.  It's a very hard sell! And that's the problem; most agents and advisors are being misled into believing it's about having a great, new sales idea.  Yes, there are plenty of great sales ideas to help you to help your prospects, once you are with the right prospects, but that's all they are: ideas. 

If you want the promised success from these programs, then you also need a system and training to:
  • Consistently identify and attract the right prospects to you.

  • Set appointments with the right prospects.

  • Help those prospects to take action.

There is much more to you being successful, in your career as a financial advisor, than just having a great sales idea!