Annuities allow women to achieve their financial goals

By Ina Burnside


It is the woman that makes the money go ‘round: the woman manages the shopping of bargains and specials and sales and that is stretching the money. It is the woman that makes the ends meet.

In today’s world many women earn their own money. So what do women want?

Women want security, safety and guarantees.

How can you have all three? Annuities. Annuities offer you security and the safest place to keep your money with unequaled guarantees.

Annuities can earn you money and save you money in so many ways you just may feel guilty. Remember the last time you earned so much money you felt guilty.

Annuities providing more income, more growth and less tax dating all the way back to the days of the Roman Empire.

Annuities provide you guaranteed growth and guaranteed income with tax incentives.

Annuities provide you a tax favored income stream. That’s more money for you.

Annuities can save income-tax on your Social Security income. That’s more money you can spend, save or invest.

Annuities provide safe diversification with multiple interest rate strategies with zero risk.

Annuities leave your heirs money, not court battles and legal fees.

Annuities can leave your church or charity a perpetual income.

Income annuities can provide an income for life at a cost as much as 40 percent less than a traditional stock, bond and cash mix. And now premium bonus annuities with special life time income features can provide an income for life without giving up control of you money.

Financial universities, economists around the globe and the federal government are catching on to the real merits of annuities.

Here’s a headline from a Wall Street Journal article titled, “Annuitizing your 401(k)” that appeared on Feb. 4, 2012: The federal government is trying to ease the way for workers to buy annuities with their retirement savings. The goal: to create a source of income that people can’t outlive.

Happy reading and smooth selling.