How will the buyer and seller decide?

By Ernest Falkner III

Zillion Dollar Thinking

Question: If the buyer and the seller could definitively agree on the true objective between them, would that motivate both parties to work toward a more professional and agreeable process?

Forever, we have treated the buyer and seller roles as players in the sale. When in reality, the objective of this relationship is the goal of a decision. One path develops in the world of selling — the other, in the universe of decisioning.

The sales track says: probe, promote, push, close
The decisioning model says: discover, commit, solve, act

Going forward, which direction looks like a fit? As we become more technologically oriented (via smart digital apparatuses), our decisioning intelligence is automatically strengthening.

We will have an increasingly resistant attitude toward the cold, hard selling of yesterday. We do not want to be sold, but we will welcome those who can help us decide as long as they represent our best interest. The evidence of this recent election is real-time proof of what happens when selling is forced. Through voting (deciding) we demonstrated that, as Americans, we are smarter than that — “burned once ... burned twice.”
As a by-product, we will get ever more critical and demanding (of the proof supported by facts) as we are developing our decisions. It’s true that hucksters will always be a part of our society; it’s just that we the people are continuing to resist that deception. Is this a one time assertion? No. We have to be vigilant, diligent and consistent in all of our efforts.

Again, our dilemma is cold selling or warm decisioning. The reason this is so important is we are now living with a product of the former. I believe that in order for us to graduate to our next level of potential, we will all need to become better at decisioning as buyers and sellers in all commodities, governments and peoples. We really have no choice.

This election could serve as a wake up call in the form of wholesale resistance, or maybe this is the turning point where a more modeled approach to decisioning becomes the norm.

You decide.