How to use Vine videos to connect with financial services clients

By Chris Marentis

GenNext Media Corp.

Since Twitter introduced Vine, many advisors have wondered if and how they could use a six-second video to communicate with potential investors. With the tight government restrictions on social media faced by financial advisors, many hesitate to take the plunge into new social platforms.

For that very reason, posting videos gives you an edge over the competition. You can take advantage of underutilized marketing channels and stand out as one of the few advisors vying for people's attention on Vine. As an added bonus, the videos are short, so you don’t need a large marketing budget to make them.

Social media networks like Twitter have been shifting toward visual content for some time now. With Vine, the key to effective local social media marketing is combining text and video, especially when it’s part of a larger campaign.

Here are a few ways a financial advisor can use Vine to interact with current and prospective clients on Twitter.

Introduce new services and technology

Don't forget to let clients know when you launch new programs that connect them to more information, education, and investment opportunities that save time and money. Maybe you have new online account management services your clients should be utilizing. Whatever your news, Vine is the perfect medium for announcements. Be sure to include a brief description of the investment solution and how it will improve their experience.

Become your clients’ source of information

Make sure that your clients turn to you for any questions related to their financial planning. You can share videos with informative surveys and industry insight to establish yourself as a finance expert. Or, you can demonstrate how clients can use your services with short how-to videos. If you have an upcoming webinar, you can create a video promotion to advertise the event and encourage registration.

Note: Be sure to repost your videos on your other social media profiles to increase the impact.

Reinforce your brand and promote visibility

Share footage from a conference, media interview or a longer video promotion and put together a teaser to encourage users to check out your YouTube page. Everything you post on Vine is an opportunity to gain positive exposure and put your brand in consumer’s heads.

It’s up to you to ensure that your Vine posts are in compliance with regulatory requirements and that you have a strong risk management program in place, which we all know is essential for any advertising efforts in finance.

Recruit new employees

Vine’s not only useful for advertising yourself to potential clients, but also great for drawing in qualified job seekers. Make a video directing people to your website job board and distribute it to niche markets so you can target skilled applicants in your industry. The best and brightest use social media; why not target them when they are passively using Vine during their free time? They may not be actively searching for a job, but when they see your Vine post, they will most likely remember you.