The top 10 time management apps

By Brett Anderson

St. Croix Advisors

As we moved through our July blog series on Life in America, it become apparent that the one tie that binds us all together is the fact that everyone’s busy. Everyday life is a non-stop race as we all strive to get the most out of each day. This month, our blog series will focus on gadgets and gear that help you get get back to business and stay on top of things, regardless of how busy life gets.

We’ve scoured the Web and come up with a handy list of the Top 10 apps that help you manage your time efficiently and effectively.
  1. Evernote: Lauded by its developers as the easy way to keep everything in sync, Evernote helps you take notes, Web clips, files and images, organize everything and keep it all available on each mobile device and computer you use. If you’re prepping for a presentation, planning a company trip, or just trying to organize your everyday life, Evernote is a great option for that.
    Cost: Free

  2. Dropbox: If you need to access files from multiple devices, or just want to share files among a workgroup, Dropbox is another multi-platform (mobile and downloadable to each computer you use) program that could streamline the way you do business.
    Cost: Plans range from free (up to 18GB) to enterprise solutions priced upon request

  3. Google Maps: I’d wager a guess that you’ve heard of Google Maps before; however, did you know that they also have an app? Get to those sales appointments quickly and efficiently by using the Google Maps app on your smartphone. The mobile version even allows you to view current traffic density, so you can avoid delays.
    Cost: Free

  4. VolunteerSpot: Launched in Spring 2009, VolunteerSpot sought to make the process of mobilizing volunteers easy. If you need to raise money or seek out volunteers for a cause, VolunteerSpot’s your app.
    Cost: Plans range from a free to a paid premium subscription with prices based on participation levels

  5. Manilla: Access all of your bills in one place and with one password. Add in your loyalty programs, frequent flyer miles and more, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a secure site. Manilla even provides automatic reminders, so you’ll never get stuck with late fees again. Users are able to access Manilla from any computer through Manilla’s secure site or mobile device through the Manilla app.
    Cost: Free

  6. TangoCard: An easy way to make the most of gift giving, TangoCard allows recipients the flexibility of cash, as they are able to select from among retailers and non-profits for use or simply redeem for cash. Plus, they can access their gift cards from any mobile device, not just to check the balance, but to shop in the mobile store.
    Cost: The app is free, gift cards available for incremental purchase

  7. What’sApp: This is a real-time messaging app that allows individuals to participate in an ongoing group chat. The best part about WhatsApp is that you don’t have to pay for SMS.
    Cost: Low ($0.99 in the Apple App Store)

  8. OpenTable: If you spend a lot of time wining and dining or just plain like to eat out, the OpenTable for mobile app is your go-to solution. Make and cancel reservations on the fly with ease and accumulate points for kept reservations to apply toward certificates that can be used at your favorite eateries.
    Cost: Free

  9. Tripit: If you travel for business or need to plan someone else’s travel, Tripit is your one-stop solution. Tripit organizes all of your travel reservations (flight, hotel, rental car, etc.) and keeps all of your plans in one convenient spot.
    Cost: Free with ads or low if you choose to opt out of the advertisements

  10. Google Drive: If you’re looking for a mobile office solution app, Google Drive could be just what you’re looking for. Allowing users to access, open and even edit documents and other files from Google Drive on the fly, the app even allows seamless collaboration with other Google users. Caveat: You must have a Google account to use.
    Cost: Free
This list will get you started on saving some time, so it can be spent doing what you want to be doe, not what you need to be do.