Drivers of success

By bwing

As professionals in this industry, we control three things that impact our success in this business:

1) The number of people we see
2) The quality of the people we see
3) The quality of the story we tell

Balance between each is important.  Seeing a lot of the wrong people isn't productive.  Seeing too few of the right people doesn't work either.  Both are especially true if you don't know what to say when meeting with a prospective client.  

I believe that having a good story to tell, based on knowledge, understanding...and presentation ability, is the most important of the three.  With knowledge and the ability to present yourself to others, confidence naturally follows.  Thru your confidence, meeting and attracting potential clients of excellent quality will follow.   

If you want to build on your success, start first with your story.  I'll speak more on this in the future.