4 simple ways insurance agents can get more out of LinkedIn

By Aaron Kassover


In today’s market, it is a necessity to use social media to promote insurance agencies. LinkedIn is a social media site geared to assist in promoting insurance products and getting new leads. Simply put, it’s the place to do business.

While it is simple to sign up for a free resource like LinkedIn, few agents know what the next steps are to create a great profile, build up their network and significantly grow their sales. The truth is that while a few agents have found an endless stream of leads for LinkedIn, most agents simply don't know where to start. I'm here to change that. Here are five simple ways insurance agents can get more out of LinkedIn.

1. Fine-tune your presence on LinkedIn

By having a well-crafted and professional profile and presence on LinkedIn, insurance agents are able to customize themselves to their prospects. Make sure your profile has a high-quality picture, boasts a clear headline and showcases your expertise. Another important thing to note is that visibility on LinkedIn defaults to your direct connections, potentially limiting your network. Don’t forget to make your profile visible to the public.

2. Establish a LinkedIn network

The site provides a constantly growing referral source, helping to effortlessly build the traffic necessary for an insurance company to thrive. Start by connecting with relevant groups, both in insurance and the community where you do business. LinkedIn also provides helpful tools like the “People You May Know” tool and searching and importing your email contact list. Take advantage of these features, and be sure to connect with colleagues and customers alike, both past and current.

3. Actively seek out endorsements

Endorsements provide your profile with validation. When a prospect sees that others like them have endorsed you, it dramatically increases their trust in you. Once you make the sale, don’t be afraid to actively ask for an endorsement. You have obviously done something right, and satisfied customers will be happy to help you promote you and your business.

4. Develop leads for your insurance products

Before you meet with someone, do a little bit of research to get to know them. After you meet them, send a connection request. You can also develop leads through your existing clients simply by asking them for recommendations. Utilize the “Advanced People Search” tool, and connect with potential referral sources in related industries. Once you identify and connect with people in these industries (real estate, estate attorneys, financial planners, etc.), you open the door to sharing referrals and potential customers.