A commonality among Washington, Lincoln, Cleveland, and successful agents and advisors

By Jeffrey Reeves MA


I've just completed biographies of George Washington and Grover Cleveland and am well into another biography of Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln's early life was filled with setbacks, challenges and just plain old hard work. While reading about the ruggedness of his early 19th century life, I found a commonality among these amazing American presidents: They never complained about their lot in life, they didn't make excuses for their failures, they worked diligently to find solutions to the challenges they faced every day, and — most of all — they persevered relentlessly in achieving worthwhile goals.

The other insight I had was that successful insurance agents and financial advisors share these same characteristics. Were it not for the fact that I was exposed to exceptional mentors and teachers — folks like Lew Nason, my good friends Rock Gettys and Reed Hine, and deceased teachers like Harlan Shuler — I may well have spent my life selling cars, working for The Man, or, worse, the government, or, worse still, in the U.S. Congress.

So, in gratitude for the lessons learned from the men and women in the insurance and financial advising business, I wish you all a 2012 filled with health, abundance, love and light.