Laurus Strategies opens private exchange consulting practice

By BenefitsPro

By Dan Cook

With the launch of privately operated insurance exchanges, could private exchange consultants be far behind? Apparently not.

HR/benefits consulting firm Laurus Strategies said it has added private health insurance exchange consulting to its services. Noting that private exchanges are popping up all over, Laurus is betting that employers may need assistance both in determining whether to select employee coverage through an exchange and in navigating the private exchange landscape if they decide to do so.

“Our process enables employers to complete an impartial assessment of all available options so they can confidently decide on what their best course of action should be,” said Scott Carter, president of Laurus Strategies.

Laurus, in news a release, suggested that a little problem exists right now in the insurance consulting realm when it comes to choosing a private insurance exchange: most of the private exchanges are run by consulting firms.

“Based on client feedback and our research, there is a clear need for an independent advocate, not just to identify the right vendor, but to determine the feasibility,” said Nancy Scola Lombaer, a Laurus Strategies partner. “Laurus Strategies has a deep and comprehensive employee benefits expertise, so building out a PEC practice is the best way to complement and strengthen our existing service to clients.”

Lauras said its private exchange consulting practice was formally launched this week.

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