By National Underwriter

National Underwriter

By Bill Coffin

By Wednsday, there only remained a handful of protestors on either side to occupy the sidewalk outside of the Supreme Court, while inside, arguments over the severability of the individual mandate, and PPACA is overturned, as many hope will happen, there will be many agents to cheer it. But what if it is upheld? Then what? Perhaps it will be as some executives have already privately admitted: that it is best just to learn to live with PPACA, come what may.

As we will cover the analysis of the Supreme Court's three days of arguments, in advance of their expected decision some time in June, let's take a look at some of the arguments made on the streets outside of the Supreme Court, where people held a fierce public debate of their own. Some of it offered great insight to how complex a problem reforming health care really is. Others merely offered pure emotion. But all are part of a crucial dialogue that will shape not just how we use healthcare, but how much our government can involves itself in it.

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