Editor's picks from around the Web (3/18-3/22)

By Vanessa De La Rosa

Highlights this week include seniors' top five myths about life insurance, annuity brackets March Madness-style, insurance reform that has both the industry and regulators beaming, how advisors can stay ahead of the curve and also, how advisors should make sure they're charging the right amount.

Are You Charging Enough for Your Services? (AdvisorOne)

"Advisors run into trouble because investment advice is an intangible service with an uncertain outcome. Writes Kavanagh: 'To counterbalance the uncertainty of investments, advisors need to be reminded that they can effectively promise a certain client experience—a rigorous process and service standards.'"

The Five (5) Biggest Myths About Life Insurance for Seniors (B2C)

"Maybe your term life insurance policy ended and you wonder whether you should worry about getting a new policy. Want the truth about life insurance for seniors? Here are the 5 biggest myths that prevent many seniors from getting the best life insurance."

Insurance reform meets ‘love fest’ on the Hill (The Hill)

"If passed, a non-profit, private body would be set up to streamline the licensing process so that an agent wouldn’t need to get a new license in each state, while keeping a state’s ability to oversee and regulate the insurance sector intact."

Why long-term care for U.S. seniors is headed for ‘crisis’ (PBS)

"The experts say that in just a few short years, as the population of baby boomers retires, long-term care of the elderly will become a national crisis. In fact, it's estimated that 70 percent of Americans who reach the age of 65 will need some kind of long-term care for at least three years during their lifetime."

March Annuity Madness: Bracket winners (MarketWatch)

"The answer is yes, I did play in college which fortunately paid for my education and I guess validated my parents' obsession for me to have the perfect jump shot. This basketball upbringing along with being Stan The Annuity Man gives me the needed background to set up this year's tournament brackets for March Madness, annuity style."

The More Businesses Learn About Obamacare, The More Reluctant They Are to Hire (Forbes)

"Wondering why the unemployment rate has been near or above 8 percent for nearly four years? The Federal Reserve has an answer for you: Obamacare."

Impact Investing Helps Advisors Stay Ahead of the Curve (Financial Advisor)

"Going beyond the definition, impact investing is about investor intention to create real and measurable positive outcomes for the world. As individuals seek “blended value” investment options that combine economic and social value creation, and as fund managers develop track records that support the claim of a range of positive outcomes including––but not limited to––market rate returns, impact investing is poised to attract significant capital going forward."

End discrimination against gays in the workplace (Washington Post)