The LIFE Foundation and Scholastic focus on the Next Generation

By National Underwriter

National Underwriter

By Michael K. Stanley

The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for education (LIFE) has partnered with Scholastic this year for their Next Generation education program which provides high school teachers with interactive tools to educate students about financial planning and risk management.

LIFE Foundation’s Next Generation high school financial literacy program has been in effect since 1997 and has reached more than 26 million students and 63,000 teachers in 39,000 schools across the country.

The earlier students understand personal responsibility through the lens of financial management skills, the less likely they will be to make major mistakes in the future. Currently, credit card debt is nearly endemic for young people.

Through their partnership with Scholastic, LIFE Foundation hopes to reach wide group of high school students and show them how to recognize and manage financial decisions that will impact their future.

New features that the program offers this year include new lesson plans that focus on the program’s five themes: risk, life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance and financial planning; and enhanced teacher’s guide and a student section that is designed for students quizzes a glossary and videos.

“Today, millions of Americans are underinsured and financially overextended. This is why it’s important that financial literacy programs are incorporated into our schools and education curriculums so that the younger generation will have a better understanding about decisions that can impact their financial futures.

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