Prospecting made easy

By brian boggs

Leading Minds Academy

The value of a coach or mentor

Its 45° Celsius on center court at the Australian open. You are one set down, bathed in sweat, and close to passing out with the heat and strain on your body.

Your mind is concentrating on that next shot that may put you in the money. It’s time now to dig deep — bring up the reserve strength. Is there any petrol left in the tank?

Remember, you are at the top of your profession it’s time to play like you have never played before. You glance across to your right where your coach is sitting he nods his head and gives you the thumbs up. He knows you are ready, but how does he know that?

Only 13 months ago advisers were talking about blue sky visions of prosperity. Now this vision is unsalable … or is it?

Do you have a coach? Do you have a mentor — someone that you can talk to and trust to help you get to the top of your game? The right coaches and mentors have the experience and skills to help you stay on the right track.

What will help you get back engaged with your clients?

What are you doing right now about prospecting for new clients? It’s very important to keep the pipeline full of new people — the right sort of clients that suit your business model. Social networking is one great way to do this.

Or a charity fundraising activity. People see you in a different environment and like to see that you are giving back. Imagine if you could get five of your clients together and ask them to bring five of their friends who are in a similar business to participate in what will become the world’s biggest yacht race.

You don’t even need to own a boat or even know how to sail, but imagine having 10 people that you can network with for four to five hours, raise money for a good cause and have some fun? Finally when was the last time you reviewed your soft skills?

We call this selling

Selling yourself, selling your value, selling your schedule of fees, selling your strategies.