Top 10 reasons you know that you're an annuity producer

By Joe Simonds

Advisor Internet Marketing

Annuity producers (aka annuity agents, annuity salesmen, annuity advisors, and annuity specialists) get all kinds of flack these days. But these guys and gals who sell annuities are not only great people, they truly do care for their clients and are trying to make a difference in the retirement income world (at least 99 percent of them).

But instead of beating my drum and telling them how great they, I decided to have a little fun with a Dave Letterman Top 10 parody all about the top reasons you know that you are an annuity producer these days.

Everything from reward trips, to ProducersWeb articles, FMO recruiters, and even mustaches make it into this annuity top 10 video.

I hope you enjoy it and please post any comments of other funny annuity producer traits that I forgot.