Getting staff to provide "wow" service

By Katherine Vessenes

Vestment Advisors

I just got a nice note from Doug in Canada. Doug wanted to know how he could get his staff to provide above and beyond service to his clients. He said he would ask his staff to do the extras for clients, but they just refused to do them.

We found this level of "wow" service to be one of the key components to getting a lot of referrals. Here is how we solve that problem in our firm:

1. We only hire people who have this mindset. All of our team is committed to excellence and the highest levels of integrity. They understand that all of us serve our clients. If they don't want to go above and beyond and provide a high level of client service, we fire them. They are not a good fit for the culture.

2. We offer a bonus of profitability that is based in part on how well each employee meets client expectations, going above and beyond, etc. This is paid quarterly. So, team members are motivated to make more money for the firm, and they know they can share in that by providing exceptional service.

The results for us have been spectacular. We started getting referrals within three months of opening up our new practice and at least one-third of our new clients come from referrals.