LTC insurance expert answers most common objection

By Stephen D. Forman (LTCA)

Long Term Care Associates, Inc.

BELLEVUE, WASH., AUGUST 30, 2012 — One of the nation's thought-leaders on long-term care insurance, Stephen D. Forman, today released the fourth article in his ongoing educational series, surveying the history, variety and value of what are called "Immediate Benefits".

Forman, senior vice-president of LTCA, explained his motive for writing the article, "During the decision-making process, our office often hears from clients debating the value of coverage they fear they may never use. LTC insurance is no different from auto or homeowners—if the whole year elapses without incident, just blow out your birthday candles and consider yourself blessed!"

"Having said that," Forman continued, "Consumers today may be surprised to learn of the emerging trend in LTC insurance of including health and wellness benefits which can be accessed on 'day one'. And if the policyholder has parents, in-laws or grandparents in need of care—some policies will extend care coordination services, quality provider reports, and discounts to extended family as well."

The entire series thus far can be found on Producers eSource, where Forman is a regular contributor:

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As increasing numbers of Baby Boomers heed the
Federal Government's call to "get more information about private LTC insurance options" (source: National Plan, 2012) LTCA cautions the public to seek only reliable sources of information.

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