No selling in the U.S.A.?

By Ernest Falkner III

Zillion Dollar Thinking

Selling is one of the ultimate freedoms in America. We are all selling something. “Mom, I need this dress … and shoes. Dad, I need some money to go to… Baby, we need a vacation… We need cars, homes, businesses … on and on.” We must have sellers and buyers.

Selling is the genesis of entrepreneurship, capitalism and free market enterprise. It’s how we got here.

It is true that nothing happens until somebody sells something. So, let’s look around to see who’s selling what?

Politicians (and street walkers) are selling themselves. Glen Beck is selling information and gold. George Soros is selling currencies. BP is selling oil (and bad decisions). W. is selling books. NPR is selling out. Fox is selling “fair and balanced.” CBS is selling commercials. Everybody is selling something in our free society.

The opposite is also true. If we have no atmosphere for buying and selling, what do we have? Question: How could that happen?

Let’s look around again. The more we need these markets, the more it seems that they are being crushed — housing, cars, small business, travel and airlines — and more to come. Our manufacturing has gone to China, our decisions are going to the government, and our dollar is going to hell.

Some of the above is provable and some may be speculative, but I don’t think that there will be much push back about the potential for a meltdown. So, what are we to do?

Here’s the opportunity: Sell logic. Sell solutions. Sell freedom. Sell constitutionality. Sell inalienable rights. Sell truth. Sell facts. Sell a positive and hopeful future. Sell responsible decisioning.

Don’t sell: Fear. Spin. Lies. Misspeaking. Misinformation. Miscalculation. Speculation. Wrong-headed personalities. Herd mentality. Political correctness. Lame thinking. Misdirection. Anti-principles. Anti-business. Anti-states rights. Thoughtless responses or intimidation.

As long as there is a sliver of freedom left in this country, we need to keep on selling. Point is, let’s sell and engage on purpose, not by coercion or by accident.

Freedom is not free.