Professional development – Do you make time for it?

By Brett Anderson

St. Croix Advisors

When it comes to any profession, it is ever changing. There are new policies, government standards, technology, people and so much more. If you are not currently working on professionally developing yourself, get ready to fall behind your competition.

You may think you have been in the industry long enough where professional development no longer applies to you, but you are wrong. Even if you consider yourself swamped at work, you should be including professional development into your work load.

Professional development can be as easy as reading a few pages each night of an interesting book you have been wanting to read, attending a seminar in your city, searching the internet for changing information, or going to a webinar that is hosted by a professional in your industry. Talk to your colleagues and see what they are doing to professionally develop themelves. Then ask them if it is working and if they are learning from their experiences.

Professional development can never hurt you, only help, because you will be better informed than you were the day before.

An example of some professional developing I am doing myself is hosting an event called Wisdom & Wine. For this particular event, I talk to some of the smartest people I know in different industries and ask if they will hold a seminar for people to attend. This way I am able to listen to what they have to say while sharing their information with friends, clients and co-workers. (If you would like to attend, just let me know. I would be happy to provide you with the list of dates and topics).

I also try to read books about different ways to market myself and help my clients. I believe that professional development is very important; therefore, I make room for it in my schedule.

While there are weeks where I know allowing time for anything other than work and family is difficult, that is ok. Just make time at some point to grow your professional horizon. You, your clients, customers and co-workers will thank you.