How often should advisors post on social media?

By Maggie Crowley

Advisor Websites

Because advisors are becoming more active on social media, social media strategy is more important than ever. Everyone knows that advisors are held under strict government regulations when it comes to utilizing social media, but what about the unspoken rules of social media etiquette? And, even more importantly: What strategies can advisors use to maximize the impact of their social media messages? Let's take a look at how often advisors should post to be most effective using social media.

We continue to hear the debate over the frequency with which advisors should post on outlets like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Research reports indicate the most effective “magic number” in regard to posting online is about three posts each day. A multitude of research concludes that, in most circumstances, posting 2 to 3 times each day is ideal. If you only post once, it’s likely to be lost in the millions of other messages being aired, while more than three posts each day often desensitizes users to the value of your message.

The exception? Twitter. On this social media outlet in particular, it’s acceptable to post as many as 5 to 6 times each day, as long as your tweets span across several hours. Messages on Twitter are easily diluted through the thousands of posting each minute so you need to use a little more elbow grease to get the job done.

Don’t think you have enough to say to your audience to post more than once a day? That’s OK, because experts suggest keeping your posts short — less than 80 words. It’s also worth mentioning that images and video are more likely to engage your audiences. Try writing one short post each day and posting a picture or video, as well. See for yourself which gets more action.

We hear a lot of fuss when it comes to advisors meeting compliance regulations using social media. If your compliance department doesn’t allow it, it’s a moot subject. If they do, then you need to take action. Why? Because your target market is on social media. Social media platforms are not only a great way to find new leads, they're also essential to being found by your target audience. Your clients and prospects are looking for you; you just need to show up!

So now the question stands: As an advisor, how often do you use social media? I want to hear your thoughts on the debate.