Life settlements: Get educated

By Larry Simon

Life Settlement Solutions

Year after year, studies show the main barrier to entry in the life settlement industry is a lack of education. The industry continues to grow and a more diverse group of financial professionals, including financial advisors, broker/dealers, estate attorneys, and more, introduce life settlements to clients as a viable financial planning tool, thus increasing competition for insurance producers.

As the industry evolves, more resources are becoming available to educate interested professionals about the transaction. The following is a list of five tools that can help producers get started and stay up-to-date on the latest changes in the life settlement industry.
    1. The Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) -- LISA is the main organization representing the life settlement industry. The organization hosts a number of educational events each year, including Webcasts, conferences and meetings that producers can attend. Additionally, LISA offers a newsletter, publication and updates on legislative, regulatory and other industry changes. This organization is also an excellent resource to learn about key players in the industry such as providers, life expectancy underwriters and brokers.

    2. Life Settlement Awareness Month® -- Each year, Life Settlement Solutions, Inc. hosts Life Settlement Awareness Month® in June. June 2009 marked the event's fourth year, and featured nearly a dozen free educational Webinars and resources for financial and insurance professionals and investors alike. The live events will not return until June 2010, but the resources are available to download free-of-charge at

    3. Industry and trade publications -- Many insurance- and financial-related trade publications are seeing the growth of the life settlement industry and have developed special sections dedicated to covering the latest trends. Further, the industry has become so widely recognized that there are a few publishing organizations that offer publications and newsletters dedicated solely to the life settlement industry.

    4. Continuing education -- There are a few continuing education courses on the life settlement industry available to financial and insurance professionals that give credit toward life and other licensing. For more information on continuing education courses on life settlements that offer credit toward life licensing or information on other available courses, contact me using the forum below.

    5. Industry events -- At most major insurance and financial conventions, life settlement companies will either be exhibiting or presenting in a panel or interactive session. This is an excellent way to spend one-on-one time with company executives in an effort to learn about the industry and the differences between companies. In the past few years, many organizations have begun hosting life-settlement-specific conventions, as well. These life settlement conferences cover all aspects of the industry, and provide a wonderful opportunity for attendees to meet key players in the industry.
If you are seeking additional information on the life settlement industry, many life settlement provider and broker Web sites have news and resource sections where producers can find previously published industry articles, press releases or free subscription-based newsletters.

Many broker/dealers are setting up life settlement platforms so their producers can engage in life settlement transactions. These broker/dealers generally have guidelines for the transaction and have a vast amount of information available for their producers.

*Note: This release is not, and should not be construed as, a solicitation to buy or sell any securities, and neither Life Settlement Solutions nor its affiliates provide legal, accounting or tax advice. Nothing contained herein constitutes a recommendation to buy, sell or hold a life settlement, portfolio of life settlements, or any other asset or security.

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