Is your client's money safe?

By Atlas Precious Metals Exchange

Atlas Precious Metals Exchange Corp.

In the extremely stressed global economic environment that exists today, it is especially important to note that ownership and possession are two completely different concepts. With the problems of sovereign debt, municipal debt and consumer debt combined with rising prices of food and gas affecting the globe, a piece of paper stating that you own something is totally different than having the real physical asset stored in an independent, secure location.

If there was some type of catastrophic financial crisis concerning debt, currency, food or energy, the actual physical possession of an asset like gold, silver, platinum, palladium or even oil is priceless.

The ownership of a piece of paper stating that you have ownership of said asset might not be worth more than the tissue paper that pops out of a box.

In this current globally sensitive economic time, it is imperative investors have possession of some globally valued hard assets. It helps you maintain a secure financial future in a world of uncertainty.

Your clients also need to save in something tangible, unprintable, natural and limited in supply. It’s recommend investors diversify at least 10 percent to 15 percent of their portfolios in gold or silver.